Can you invest in ghost kitchens?

There are a variety of options for investing in ghost kitchens. Ghost kitchens are part of the category of cloud retail infrastructure defined by AgFunder, which also includes enabling technology on demand and robots and last-mile delivery services. If the concept of a ghost kitchen brand isn't successful, they can try again and create something new with minimal exchange costs. Despite living in a city with a limited variety of restaurants, the new ghost kitchens offer people like me a lot of additional options on days when I crave takeout.

I can order food in local ghost kitchens with no physical space to eat, and it's fascinating to see these existing restaurants and businesses launching new concepts and selling to customers who wouldn't otherwise. Nowadays, the sector is a jumble that is increasingly overlapping, as are the ghost kitchens of the current restaurant, mobile kitchens, virtual dining rooms and digital restaurants. Here are some stocks that are making the headlines and that explore the power of the ghost kitchen trend that you can invest in today.

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