Is dark kitchen good?

They're a great way to reduce your rent and overhead costs and start a profitable business with a low investment. Investing in dark kitchens will also help you attract customers from different segments of the market. The rapid growth of home deliveries created a completely new business model for the food business, namely “dark kitchens”. Basically, it's a kitchen that produces food without an attached physical restaurant front.

All your food is delivered to orders received online. As the 21st century progressed, the restaurant industry witnessed a radical change with the arrival of modern virtual restaurants dominated by applications, third-party aggregators, dark kitchens and ghost kitchens. The startup Karma Kitchens has presented itself as the company that is here to rid dark kitchens of their bad reputation, with plans to open sites in Camden and Bermondsey in addition to their current locations in Wood Green and Hackney.

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