What is ghost kitchen concept walmart?

The Ghost Kitchens service allows Walmart shoppers to select food and beverages from the menus of up to 25 national and regional restaurants and packaged consumer products and combine them in a single order. ALEXANDRIA, Virginia A Walmart in Plano, Texas, will have a commercial ghost kitchen inside the store and will sell food from nationally known restaurants at home and to take away, reports the Dallas Morning News. Joon Choe and Mohammad Qasim, residents of North Texas, will run the shop window of the Canadian company Ghost Kitchen Brands at the Walmart in North Plano, Texas, reports The Dallas Morning News. In addition, these ghost kitchens will also reportedly serve as an online order delivery center through places like DoorDash, meaning that the next time you place an order online in Rochester, your food could technically come from a Walmart.

Raleigh-Durham International Airport is converting an old restaurant into a ghost kitchen that will serve meals from several local and national brand restaurants. Restaurants have partnered with DoorDash and other delivery services to deliver meals from ghost kitchens. With Walmart scaring the industry, it's a good time for all restaurants to decide whether or not they believe in “friendly ghosts” or if the very idea of Walmart opening ghost kitchens haunts their dreams. The duo, veterans of kitchen management who already operate Public Taco in Dallas, plan to sell food from nationally known restaurants in the new kitchen.

The restaurant's owners, Canadian company Ghost Kitchen Brands and Dallas-Fort Worth restaurateurs Mohammad Qasim and Joon Choe, decided to opt for Walmart because of their integrated customer base. Now, thanks to a partnership with Ghost Kitchens, a Canadian company that allows restaurants to operate beyond their usual physical locations, some Walmart stores will offer customers a similar experience with takeout meals. Delivery, and perhaps even more interesting, we'll see how deep Walmart plunges into the murky ghost waters of the kitchen. Qasim told the Morning News that this ghost kitchen format allows customers to order at several restaurants in the same tab.

Retailers thinking of establishing ghost kitchens and a reliable delivery platform can read “Ghost Kitchens” to learn how they are a viable solution to expand the reach of catering. Simply head to the Ghost Kitchens counter, mix and match items from up to two dozen well-known restaurant brands, and pick up your varied feast when you're done shopping.

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