What is the Difference Between Dark Kitchen and Cloud Kitchen?

Ghost kitchens (also sometimes called cloud kitchens, dark kitchens, or virtual kitchens) are online-only establishments that don't have a physical counterpart. Instead, they are rented out to third parties without any space. It's an unusual name for a place where food is cooked, but it's not as mysterious as it sounds. A dark kitchen is a kitchen where food is prepared like any other kitchen, but the only way to get the food is through online channels.

Dark kitchens don't have a dining area. This concept has different names, such as cloud kitchen, remote kitchen, virtual kitchen and ghost kitchen. But it mostly refers to any restaurant or food service that is only available through the online channel. When an order is placed, it is sent to the nearest virtual kitchen from where the prepared food is delivered to the central kitchen.

With the help of LoginNext, a logistics automation platform, Ghost Kitchens was able to bring together different delivery channels on one platform, which would make it easier to understand routes and automatically assign orders to delivery people. Working with companies like LoginNext and Ghost Kitchen can help you increase your profits more than you'd expect. Now that you know the difference between a delivery kitchen in the cloud and a ghost kitchen, it's easy to understand the business model of a cloud kitchen. This means that there is a central kitchen where food is prepared and sent to the auxiliary kitchen.

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