What's the difference between a ghost kitchen and a virtual kitchen?

A ghost kitchen can only exist on the digital platform without a pick-up or self-service offer. The only way to order food from them is through the websites or apps of their food delivery partners. Virtual restaurants, on the other hand, also have a digital-only presence. As demand for takeout orders increases, new concepts are being introduced to the catering industry to meet it.

Among them are two exclusive delivery options that you may have already heard of: ghost kitchens and virtual kitchens. If you want to take your North Carolina food business to the next level, it's critical to know the difference between them, as they are changing the way restaurants serve their customers. In today's blog, The City Kitch will explain the virtual kitchen space versus the ghost kitchen space to help you understand it. Third-party delivery services present new challenges for many traditional restaurants, and ghost kitchens and virtual restaurants are an attempt to compensate for these challenges.

Ghost kitchens (also sometimes called cloud kitchens, dark kitchens, or virtual kitchens) are also only available online, but they don't work in an existing restaurant. This is due, in large part, to the fact that more and more restaurants are looking for the opportunities offered by ghost kitchens and virtual restaurants. A ghost kitchen is perfect for a high-volume delivery region and allows for a quick launch with low overhead costs. Another example of a ghost kitchen is The Local Culinary, which offers space only to virtual brands developed in-house.

Both ghost kitchens and virtual restaurants are restaurant concepts that don't offer a traditional dining experience. For example, delivery provider DoorDash recently launched DoorDash Kitchens, a shared ghost kitchen space in Northern California. These kitchens are not found in restaurants, but in shared economy spaces, such as Kitchen United or Zuul.

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